2018 Sacramento County Youth Impact Awards

Award Categories

The Sacramento County Youth Impact Awards consists of five categories. The On-line Application Form instructs you to choose a single category that best represents your accomplishments and then in 550 words or less, address the category questions listed below:


The SCYC Youth Leadership Award recognizes those who have performed outstanding acts of leadership and demonstrated the ability to direct, motivate, and lead others towards a common goal.

  • How have you displayed your leadersh​ip skills and what did you accomplish
  • How did you motivate yourself and others to complete the task?

Community Service

This award recognizes those who have fostered a long-standing commitment to a specific cause.

  • What cause have you worked towards and what did this work accomplish? (Explain the events you’ve taken part in during your community service work).
  • How did you become involved in this cause and where does your passion stem from?

Applied knowledge/Talents

This award recognizes those who have demonstrated the ability to share their knowledge and talents in a unique way. This could benefit either oneself or the community that you live in.

  • Describe How you were able to apply your skills in relevant, useful ways.
  • How will you be able to use your learned skills in the future?

Overcoming Adversity

This award recognizes those who have overcome a significant challenge in their life – a challenge that has contributed to who they are today.

  • What adversity did you face and how did you overcome it?
  • What did you learn by overcoming it, and did this period of grown create significant change in your life and/or the lives of others?
  • Did overcoming this challenge help you achieve a goal you never thought you could achieve or bring new focus or commitment?