In Our Words

Why do youth like to serve on the S.C.Y.C.?​

  • “I enjoy serving on SCYC because it gives me the opportunity to work with people as equally passionate as me in order to better the community we live in. We can directly see the impacts that we make on the Sacramento community while having fun and getting a sense of the inner workings of government.” Lauren Kim
  •  “I was interested in joining the Sacramento County Youth Commission because it offered me an opportunity to be involved in our democracy. Being a member of the youth commission not only enables me to help make a difference in our community, but I am also able to build upon valuable skills such as being a leader.” Eleanor Love
  • “I joined the Youth Commission because I wanted to give back to the Sacramento community by having a voice in youth affairs while working with like-minded people and having fun.” Vishruth Nagam
  • ​“Being a part of a countywide body like the Sacramento County Youth Commission presented the great potential youth have to use their voices. I knew that if I stepped up and joined, I would be enabling change to better the challenges facing my peers.” Ashley Jun​