Many of the sports offered in the summer are sponsored by schools and park districts. See our Park and Recreations section or call your school or school district for more information.

Youth Golf Association
(916) 277-1207

Supports, promotes, and develops affordable youth golf programs to local youth who may not have an opportunity to experience the game.

CSUS Aquatic Center
(916) 985-7239

Learn how to water ski, jet ski, sail, kayak, canoe, and windsurf at these week-long water camps.

Rock Climbing 
(916) 341-0100 or (916) 638-4605

For those of who like the rough and adventurous activities, rock climbing is a perfect sport. Practice for real cliffhanging excursions or just have some fun.

Public Pools

What better way to cool off during the 110 degree summer heat than a nice swim! Contact your local city or park district for more information about a pool near you.